OSM Events Schedule: April 2024

April is set to be an exciting month for Online Soccer Manager (OSM) enthusiasts! With a packed schedule of events, managers will have ample opportunities to boost their teams, enhance their stadiums, and secure top talents. Here’s a rundown of what’s coming up:

01 April: Booming Stadium

Kick off the month with the Booming Stadium event. It’s time to expand your stadium's capacity and enhance its facilities. A bigger stadium means better morale for your players and more revenue from match days.

04 April: Superfast Trainer

During the Superfast Trainer event, your players will benefit from accelerated training sessions. Improve your squad's overall stats in a fraction of the usual time and get them match-ready faster than ever.

07 - 08 April: Intense Friendlies

This weekend, challenge your friends or rivals to Intense Friendlies. It's a great opportunity to test your tactics, refine your lineup, and earn extra rewards without the risk of losing league points.

11 - 12 April: Golden Oldies

The Golden Oldies event celebrates the veterans of the game. For two days, older players in your squad will experience a significant boost in performance. It’s the perfect time to let your experienced stars lead the way.

14 April: ExtraOrdinary Scout

Unlock the ExtraOrdinary Scout for a chance to discover unique talents with special abilities. These rare finds can be game-changers for your team, offering new strategies and strengths.

16 - 17 April: Transfer Madness

Get ready for Transfer Madness! For 48 hours, the transfer market will be bustling with activity. Expect to see valuable players at reduced prices, making it an ideal time to strengthen your squad or sell players for a profit.

18 April: Top Facilities

Upgrade your club's facilities with the Top Facilities event. Investing in better training grounds, medical facilities, and youth camps will pay off by improving player development and recovery times.

21 April: Bargain Scout

The Bargain Scout event offers a special scouting opportunity to find talented players at lower costs. It's a cost-effective way to bring fresh talent into your team without breaking the bank.

23 April: Extreme Training

Push your players to the limit with Extreme Training. This intense regimen will significantly boost their progress, helping you to quickly mold your squad into a formidable force.

25 - 26 April: Training Camp Mania

Engage your team in Training Camp Mania. These two days are dedicated to comprehensive training sessions, improving team cohesion, and fine-tuning your strategies to perfection.

28 April: Training Madness

Training Madness turns up the intensity even further, offering the most significant boosts to player development seen all month. It’s your chance to make vast improvements in a short amount of time.

30 April - 1 May: All Out Event

Conclude the month with the All Out Event. This is your opportunity to deploy everything you've got—use your best tactics, play your strongest lineup, and make those final transfers to secure your place at the top.


April in OSM is filled with opportunities to elevate your team to new heights. Whether you're looking to improve your squad's performance, enhance your facilities, or make strategic transfers, there’s something for everyone. Make sure to plan ahead and take full advantage of these events to lead your team to victory!