Welcome to our monthly recap of Online Soccer Management (OSM) events. In June 2023, we saw a series of engaging events that tested the managerial mettle of players, challenged strategic acumen, and allowed for amazing team advancements. Let's journey back and relive the exhilarating month that was.

June 02 - June 03: Extreme Progression

Starting off the month with a bang, the "Extreme Progression" event kick-started our managers' drive for success. This event saw an unprecedented increase in player progression rates. Training schedules were more effective than ever, with player stats improving at a breathtaking pace.

Many managers seized this opportunity to level up their teams dramatically, focusing on enhancing individual skills and team chemistry. Teams that were once considered underdogs became formidable competitors overnight. The sheer power of the Extreme Progression event resulted in a seismic shift in the league tables, with many dark horse teams moving up the rankings.

June 09 - June 10: Transfer Madness

Next up was the much-anticipated "Transfer Madness" event. This was a two-day frenzy that shook the OSM world to its core. Managers could buy and sell players with an expedited process, coupled with drastically reduced transfer times.

The speed and intensity of this event led to some of the most unexpected transfers, as scouts were bringing in hot prospects every hour. The clubs' war chests were opened wide, and no player was off-limits. Managers who capitalized on this event significantly transformed their squads, some even managing to snag high-profile players that turned their season around.

June 16 - June 17: Training Talents

Mid-June brought the "Training Talents" event, a godsend for clubs nurturing young talents. This event allowed managers to supercharge their young players' development, with talent progression rates going through the roof.

Managers focused on their youth academies, maximizing their training schedules and match exposure. This resulted in a surge of newly matured young players ready to take on the big stage. Many of these young talents have started to make their mark on the field, and it's exciting to think about how these fledgling players might shape the future of the OSM leagues.

June 23 - June 24: Golden Legends

The penultimate event for June, "Golden Legends," was an absolute treat for managers with a taste for football history. Classic players from the golden era of football returned to the pitch, showing that their skills were timeless.

Managers had the opportunity to sign these legends for their squads, adding a touch of nostalgia and a heap of quality. Witnessing some of football's greatest names back in action, rolling back the years and scoring spectacular goals was nothing short of magical. These legends not only boosted team ratings but also brought unparalleled experience to guide younger players.

June 30 - July 01: Club Funds Overload

To end the month on a high note, OSM introduced the "Club Funds Overload" event. This financial windfall event provided managers with substantial club funds, providing an excellent opportunity to invest in infrastructure, squad improvements, or storing up for future transfers.

This influx of cash made a significant impact on the game dynamics. Managers who were strategic with their newfound wealth found themselves in a strong position, either by signing top-tier players, investing in training facilities, or hoarding cash for future transfer windows.


June 2023 has undoubtedly been a month full of thrilling events, setting up an exciting landscape for the future of Online Soccer Management. From enhancing squad skills to integrating legendary players, each event presented unique opportunities for managers to shape their teams. As we look forward to the next month, we can only imagine the exciting events that OSM has in store for us. Stay tuned and keep managing!