Welcome to May 2023! This month, we're thrilled to present a series of engaging weekend events in the world of Online Soccer Management (OSM). Each weekend brings a new challenge and an opportunity for you to enhance your team's skills, make strategic decisions, and compete with managers worldwide. Here's what you can look forward to:

May 05 - May 07: Extreme Progression

Kickstarting our first weekend in May, we're excited to bring you the 'Extreme Progression' event. This is your chance to rapidly improve your team's skills and performance. With a boosted progression rate, you'll have the opportunity to take your team to new heights in a short amount of time. Make sure to leverage this opportunity and prepare your team for the exciting matches ahead.

May 12 - May 14: Training Talents

The following weekend is all about fostering young talent with the 'Training Talents' event. This event provides a platform for you to develop your promising rookies into the soccer stars of tomorrow. With increased training effects, you can shape the future of your young players and guide them towards stardom. Don't miss this chance to nurture the next generation of soccer talents.

May 19 - May 21: Intense Friendlies

Our third weekend will feature the 'Intense Friendlies' event. We encourage you to schedule and participate in friendly matches, allowing you to test your team's performance against others and try out new strategies without the pressure of league standings. It's an excellent opportunity to experiment with your line-up and tactics, so get ready for some fun and friendly competition!

May 26 - May 28: Training Camp

Wrapping up the month, we're hosting the 'Training Camp' event during the last weekend of May. During this event, you'll have the chance to boost your team's abilities and morale. By utilizing the training camp, you can focus on team development and ensure your players are in peak condition for upcoming matches.

Remember, these schedules are subject to change, and we may also add flash events (4h and 24h) randomly during the week. Stay tuned for more updates and make the most of these exciting opportunities to enhance your OSM journey. Enjoy the games!


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