April 2023: Schedule for Weekend Events in OSM

It's going to be an exciting month full of great events in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) this April! Here's a taste of what you can expect during the weekends:

April 07 - April 09: Talent Training Get ready for a weekend of developing and improving your talents. During this event, the growth of your young players will significantly increase. Make sure to get the most out of this event and cultivate the next generation of soccer stars!

April 14 - April 16: Intense Friendly Matches This weekend is all about playing friendly matches. Take on the challenge and test your team against your friends, family, or other managers. Remember, these matches have no impact on your league performance, so experiment and try out new tactics!

April 21 - April 23: Extreme Progression Prepare for a weekend of accelerated growth! Over these three days, your players will train and improve faster than usual. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your team to a higher level and outperform your opponents.

April 28 - April 30: Transfer Madness Wrap up the month with a bang! During this weekend, there will be spectacular deals and offers available on the transfer market. Be ready to strike and strengthen your team with new players.

IMPORTANT: This schedule may be subject to change. Random flash events (4h and 24h) may be added in the middle of the week.

Mark these dates in your calendar and get ready for a month full of excitement and competition in OSM! Don't forget to stay up to date on any changes and surprising flash events. Good luck, and may the best team win!

In addition to the planned weekend events, OSM has much more to offer in April. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the upcoming events and get the most out of your team:

Develop your talents: Use the Talent Training to maximize the potential of your young players. Invest in their growth and give them playing time to further develop their skills.

Experiment with tactics: Use the Intense Friendly Matches to test new strategies and formations. Discover which tactics suit your players best and how to effectively deploy them against different opponents.

Monitor your training program: During the Extreme Progression event, it's important to keep an eye on your training schedule and ensure that all your players train as much as possible.

Be strategic with transfers: During the Transfer Madness, it's tempting to buy many players, but don't forget to monitor your budget. Try to make targeted purchases that fit your team strategy and strengthen your squad.

Stay up to date on flash events: Regularly check the OSM app or website to see if new flash events have been added. These events can provide a great opportunity to quickly improve your team and increase your competitive advantage.

Enjoy the game: Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the challenges OSM has to offer. Share your experiences with your friends and participate in the OSM community to exchange tips and tricks with other managers.

April promises to be an exciting time for OSM players worldwide. Don't miss out on these fantastic events and get ready to lead your team to victory!