Defeating the 4-2-4A Formation with Different Team Strengths

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a tactical game where you take on the role of a soccer manager. You are responsible for devising a winning strategy and choosing the right tactics to defeat your opponents. A popular formation that many managers use is the 4-2-4A. In this blog, we discuss various tactics to defeat this formation, regardless of whether your own team is weaker, equally strong, or stronger than the opponent.

Weaker team

When your team is weaker than the opponent, it is important to focus on defending and counterattacking. The 4-2-4A formation is very attacking, so a strong defensive strategy is essential.

Tactic: 5-3-2B (Counter)

Mentality: Defensive Zonal marking

Pressing: Low

Playing style: Counter-attack

Tempo: Slow

The 5-3-2B formation offers a solid defense with five defenders. This helps you fend off the opponent's attacks. The counter-strategy allows you to switch quickly from defense to attack, creating unexpected chances.

Equally strong team

When your team is equally strong as the opponent, it is important to find a good balance between attack and defense. You want to defend but also create opportunities to score goals.

Tactic: 4-3-3B (Balanced)

Mentality: Normal Zonal marking

Pressing: Medium

Playing style: Short passes

Tempo: Normal

The 4-3-3B formation is a balanced formation that offers both defensive and attacking options. It enables you to compete with the 4-2-4A formation while also creating chances for your own team.

Stronger team

When your team is stronger than the opponent, it is important to dominate the game and put pressure on your opponent. You can do this by choosing an attacking tactic that allows your team to maintain possession and create chances.

Tactic: 4-2-3-1 (Control)

Mentality: Attacking Zonal marking

Pressing: High

Playing style: Short passes

Tempo: Fast

The 4-2-3-1 formation is an attacking formation with many options in midfield and attack. It allows your team to control the ball and create chances, putting pressure on the opponent and neutralizing the 4-2-4A formation.