Greetings, aspiring football managers! Today, we're going to explore the user interface (UI) of Online Soccer Management (OSM), the digital gateway to your football management dreams. Understanding the OSM UI can significantly streamline your management tasks, whether it's making strategic decisions, handling transfers, or even training your players. Let's dive into the various components of the OSM interface and learn how to navigate them effectively.

Dashboard - Your Central Hub

Think of the Dashboard as your manager's office. From here, you can access almost all aspects of the game. Key information like your team's position in the league, upcoming fixtures, and news about your team and league is readily available here.

Squad - Assembling Your Stars

The Squad section is where you see your team's roster. You'll find information on each player, such as their ratings, positions, form, and health status. This section is also where you set up your team formation and line-up for the upcoming matches.

Training - Sharpening Your Blades

In the Training section, you manage your player training schedules. Here, you can focus on different aspects of training to improve your players' stats, keeping in mind the balance between training intensity and the risk of injuries.

Transfers - Building the Dream Team

The Transfers section is a bustling marketplace for players. Here, you can buy new players to strengthen your squad or sell players to raise funds. It's crucial to keep an eye on the transfer list, as new players are added every day.

Competitions - Stepping into the Arena

In the Competitions section, you'll find details about the league you're participating in, the league table, fixture schedules, and match results. This section also provides an overview of your progress in any cup competitions.

Stadium - Home of the Gladiators

The Stadium section allows you to manage your home ground. You can upgrade various parts of your stadium to increase revenue, improve your team's performance, and boost fan satisfaction.

Board - The Power Brokers

In the Board section, you can see your objectives as a manager, as set by the club's board. Achieving these goals can lead to rewards, while failure may lead to dismissal.

Mail - Staying in the Loop

The Mail section is your communication hub. Here, you receive messages from the board, news about transfers, and other important updates.


Understanding the OSM user interface is like getting a blueprint of your football empire. The interface is designed to be intuitive, but it's important to explore each section and understand its functions to make the most out of your OSM experience. So, put on your managerial hat, dive into the UI, and start creating your football legacy!