Break the 523B Formation and Lead Your Team to Victory

Choosing the right tactics and formations in Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is essential for winning matches and outsmarting your opponents. In this blog, we discuss tactics to counter the 523B formation, with variations depending on whether your own team is weaker, equally strong, or stronger than the opponent.

Weaker team: 5-3-2A (Defensive)

If your team is weaker than the opponent, it's important to focus on solid defense to neutralize their attacking threat. The 5-3-2A formation with a defensive mentality can help you keep the opponent at bay while creating chances on the counter.

Mentality: Defensive
Zonal marking
Pressing: Low
Playing style: Long balls
Tempo: Slow

Equally strong team: 4-3-3B (Balanced)

When your team is equally strong as the opponent, it's important to find a good balance between attack and defense. The 4-3-3B formation with a normal mentality is ideal for a balanced game where you create attacking chances while remaining defensively solid.

Mentality: Normal
Zonal marking
Pressing: Medium
Playing style: Short passes
Tempo: Normal

Stronger team: 4-2-3-1 (Offensive)

If your team is stronger than the opponent, you should take control of the game and put pressure on the opponent. Opt for an offensive 4-2-3-1 formation to dominate the game and leave no space for the opponent.

Mentality: Offensive
Zonal marking
Pressing: High
Playing style: Short passes
Tempo: Fast


In Online Soccer Manager, adapting your tactics to the strength of your team and the opponent is essential for success. By choosing a defensive, balanced, or offensive approach based on your team's strength, you increase your chances of countering the 523B formation and defeating your opponents. Remember that flexibility and adaptability are key to triumph in any situation.