Boss Coins in Online Soccer Manager (OSM): What are they and how to easily earn them

In Online Soccer Manager (OSM), Boss Coins are a valuable currency that you can use to obtain various benefits and extras in the game. Earning Boss Coins can help you make faster progress and strengthen your team. In this text, we explain what Boss Coins are and provide tips on how to easily earn them in OSM.

What are Boss Coins?

Boss Coins are a premium currency in OSM that you can use to unlock various benefits, such as speeding up processes, buying special items, and improving your club facilities. With Boss Coins, you can also unlock additional slots to manage multiple teams simultaneously.

How do you earn Boss Coins in OSM?

There are several ways to earn Boss Coins in OSM:

a. Daily rewards: Log in to OSM every day to collect daily rewards, including Boss Coins. The more often you log in and collect rewards, the more Boss Coins you can earn.

b. Goals and achievements: Complete goals and achievements in the game to earn Boss Coins. These goals range from winning matches to completing certain challenges. Keep an eye on your goals and achievements and work on completing them to collect Boss Coins.

c. Watch ads: In OSM, you can earn Boss Coins by watching ads. Go to the section where you can buy Boss Coins and choose the option to watch ads. For each ad you watch, you receive a certain number of Boss Coins.

d. Participate in events and competitions: Take part in special events and competitions in OSM for a chance to win Boss Coins. These events are held regularly and can earn you a significant number of Boss Coins if you are successful.

e. In-app purchases: If you are willing to spend real money, you can buy Boss Coins through in-app purchases. Although this is the fastest way to obtain Boss Coins, it is important to be mindful of your spending and only buy what you really need.


Boss Coins are a valuable resource in Online Soccer Manager that can help you make faster progress and strengthen your team. By taking advantage of the various methods to earn Boss Coins, such as daily rewards, goals and achievements, watching ads, and participating in events, you can easily and regularly collect Boss Coins to improve your gaming experience and lead your team to success.