Closed training sessions and training camps, what are they and how to use them effectively

In Online Soccer Manager (OSM), closed trainings and training camps are two important elements that managers can use to strengthen their team and develop their players. In this text, we explain what closed trainings and training camps are, and give tips on how to use them effectively to get the most out of your team in OSM.

Closed training

Closed trainings are special training sessions that you can use to improve your players' skills faster. They are intended to offer players more intensive and targeted training, resulting in a greater increase in their skills than regular training.

To use closed trainings effectively:

  • Use them to accelerate the development of young, promising players who have great potential to become important team members.
  • Focus on improving specific skills that are most relevant to the position and role of each player on the team.
  • Limit the use of closed trainings to prevent overexertion and the risk of injuries.


Training camps

Training camps are events where you take your entire team to a different location to train and prepare for important matches. Training camps can improve the fitness, team spirit, and performance of your team, giving you a competitive advantage in the league.

To use training camps effectively:

  • Schedule training camps prior to important matches, such as derbies or crucial league matches, to ensure your team is in top condition. 
  • Take into account the timing of training camps, so your players have enough time to recover from previous matches and prepare for upcoming ones.
  • Use training camps to improve team spirit and cohesion by incorporating team-building activities and group training.



Closed trainings and training camps are valuable tools in Online Soccer Manager that, if used correctly, can significantly improve the performance and development of your team. By strategically using these features and paying attention to the needs and potential of your players, you can build a competitive and successful team in OSM.