Effective negotiation in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

In Online Soccer Manager (OSM) negotiating transfers is a crucial aspect of the game. Successfully completing transfers can make the difference between building a strong team and missing opportunities to improve your team. In this text, we discuss some important tips and strategies to improve your negotiation skills and make better deals in OSM.

Know the player's market value: Before starting negotiations, it is important to know the market value of the player in question. This helps you determine a realistic starting bid and assess the value of the player for your team.

Determine your budget and limits: Set a budget in advance for the player you want to buy and determine the maximum price you are willing to pay. This helps you stay focused during negotiations and avoid paying too much for a player.

Start with a realistic bid: Begin negotiations with a realistic bid that is close to the market value of the player. A bid that is too low can irritate the other manager and complicate negotiations, while a bid that is too high can put you in a weaker negotiating position.

Be patient and flexible: Negotiating in OSM can take some time, especially if both parties are holding out for their price. Be patient and flexible during the process. Be open to counteroffers and adjust your bid if necessary to reach an agreement.

Use swap players as part of the deal: If you have trouble reaching an agreement on price, consider offering a swap player as part of the deal. This can increase the value of the bid without having to spend extra money and can lead to a successful transfer.

Communicate respectfully and professionally: Always treat the other manager with respect and professionalism during negotiations. This promotes a positive atmosphere and increases the chance of a successful deal. Avoid aggressive or rude communication, as it can scare off the other party and cause negotiations to fail.


Effective negotiating in Online Soccer Manager requires patience, strategy, and insight into the market value of players. By doing your homework, placing realistic bids, being flexible, and communicating respectfully with other managers, you can make better deals and strengthen your team. Improving your negotiation skills is an important step towards success in OSM, and by following these tips, you are well on your way to becoming a top manager.