How to become good at Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is a challenging and immersive football management game where players compete to become the best manager and lead their team to the top of the league. To become an excellent OSM manager, you must master various aspects of the game and have a good understanding of strategy, planning, and team management. In this text, we share some important tips and recommendations to improve your skills in OSM and become a successful manager.

Learn the basics of the game: If you are new to OSM, it is important to first learn the basic principles of the game. Spend time exploring the interface, understanding the different game mechanics, and consulting the game manual and tutorials. This will help you become familiar with the game and prepare you for the challenges ahead.

Analyze and improve your team: To be successful in OSM, you must build a strong and balanced team. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your current team, identify areas that need improvement, and develop a strategy to strengthen your team through transfers, training, and tactics.

Set realistic goals: Set realistic goals for your team based on the league and the quality of your players. Work step by step towards your goals and adjust where necessary. Ambitious goals can be motivating, but make sure they are achievable to avoid disappointment.

Develop effective tactics and strategies: An important aspect of OSM is developing effective tactics and strategies for your team. Experiment with different formations and playing styles to discover what works best for your players and the opponents you encounter. Analyze your team's performance and adjust your tactics based on the results.

Stay active and engaged: To be successful in OSM, it is important to stay active and engaged with your team and the league. Log in regularly to train your players, adjust tactics, manage transfers, and stay up to date with developments in the league.

Learn from other players and experts: There are many experienced OSM players and experts who can provide valuable insights and tips to improve your game. Visit online forums, follow YouTube tutorials, and read strategies from other players to learn from their experiences and increase your own knowledge.

Be patient and persistent: Success in OSM does not come overnight. It takes time, patience, and persistence to become an excellent manager. Focus on your goals, learn from your mistakes, and celebrate your successes. Over time, you will improve your skills and achieve better results.

Build team spirit and motivation: A well-motivated team with high team spirit performs better on the field. Make sure you pay attention to the motivation and team spirit of your players through positive communication and rewarding good performances. A close-knit and motivated team will perform better and increase your chances of success in OSM.

Participate in community events and competitions: The OSM community often organizes events, tournaments, and competitions that you can participate in to further develop and test your skills. Participate in these events to gain experience, learn new tactics and strategies, and compete with other managers.

Stay up to date with football news and trends: A successful OSM manager must stay up to date with the latest football news and trends. This can help you make better-informed decisions about transfers, tactics, and strategies. Follow football news, analyses, and discussions to improve your understanding of the sport and apply your knowledge in OSM.


Becoming a successful manager in Online Soccer Manager requires dedication, strategy, planning, and a good understanding of football and team management. By following the above tips and constantly striving for improvement, you can develop your skills and excel in OSM. Remember that patience and perseverance are crucial to success and that every challenge provides an opportunity to learn and grow as a manager.