The importance of morale and fitness in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

In Online Soccer Manager (OSM) zijn MOR (morale) en FIT (fitheid) twee cruciale factoren die de prestaties van je spelers en het succes van je team beïnvloeden. Het begrijpen en beheren van deze aspecten is essentieel om een succesvolle manager te worden en je team naar de top van de competitie te leiden. In deze tekst bespreken we wat MOR en FIT betekenen en hoe je deze elementen effectief kunt beheren om je team in OSM te versterken.

MOR (morale)

Morale refers to the mood and happiness of your players. A player with high morale is more motivated and performs better on the field. Factors that affect a player's morale include playtime, performance, team spirit, and wins or losses. Effectively managing your players' morale is important for maintaining a motivated and cohesive team. Some tips for improving your players' morale are:

  • Give players enough playtime.
  • Regularly communicate with your players and provide positive feedback.
  • Maintain good team spirit and a positive atmosphere in the team.
  • Win matches and celebrate successes together.


FIT (fitness)

Fitness indicates how physically prepared and rested a player is to participate in matches. A player with high fitness will perform better, be less prone to fatigue, and less susceptible to injuries. It is essential to manage your players' fitness to maintain a fit and healthy team. To optimize your players' fitness, here are some tips:

  • Develop an effective training schedule that focuses on improving your players' fitness and skills.
  • Ensure adequate rest and recovery time between matches, especially during busy periods with many matches.
  • Rotate your players to prevent fatigue and give everyone playtime.
  • Use the medical staff to promote the fitness and recovery of injured players.



Effectively managing MOR (morale) and FIT (fitness) in Online Soccer Manager is essential for building a strong and successful team. By paying attention to these factors and applying the right strategies and techniques, you can create a motivated, fit, and cohesive team that is ready to compete at the highest level in OSM.