Building a successful team in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Online Soccer Manager (OSM) is an exciting online football management game where you take on the role of manager of your favorite football club. Building a successful team is crucial to dominating in the league and winning prizes. In this text, we share some important tips for building a strong and competitive team in OSM.

Analyze your current team: When starting a new season in OSM, it's important to first analyze your current team. Look at the strengths and weaknesses of your players, their potential, and the balance between attack, midfield, and defense. This will give you a better insight into which positions need strengthening.

Set realistic goals: Depending on the strength of your team and the league you are playing in, it's important to set realistic goals. Ambition is good, but it's wise to start with achievable goals, such as reaching the top half of the table or winning a cup.

Transfer market strategy: To strengthen your team, you need to be active in the transfer market. Consider the following when buying and selling players:

  1. Buy young players with a lot of potential. Sell older players with limited growth potential. Look for bargains: players with a low market value but good performances. Ensure a balanced squad: a good mix of attackers, midfielders, and defenders.
  2. Training and development: A good training schedule is essential to develop your players and realize their potential. Set up a training schedule that is tailored to the specific needs of your players. Give young players with lots of potential extra attention to speed up their growth.
  3. Tactics and formation: Experiment with different tactics and formations to find the best strategy for your team. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and adjust your tactics accordingly. Flexibility is crucial to being successful in OSM.
  4. Team spirit and motivation: Good team spirit and motivation are important factors for success in OSM. Create a positive atmosphere in your team by communicating regularly with your players and rewarding them for good performances. Keep an eye on the morale of your players and intervene when necessary.


Building a successful team in Online Soccer Manager requires attention to detail, strategy, and patience. By analyzing your current team, setting realistic goals, making smart use of the transfer market, setting up effective training schedules, and using the right tactics and formations, you can create a strong and competitive team. Don't forget to pay attention to the team spirit and motivation of your players, because a close-knit and motivated team can make the difference between winning and losing.

Follow these tips and strategies to take your team in Online Soccer Manager to the next level. Over time, you'll notice your team improving, becoming more competitive, and achieving more victories. Stay focused on developing your players and improving your tactics, and you will undoubtedly find success in OSM.