Training Tips for Success in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

Trainings play a crucial role in improving the performance and development of players in Online Soccer Manager (OSM). An effective training regime can significantly strengthen your team and increase your chances of success in the competition. In this text, we share some valuable tips on trainings in OSM to get the best out of your players.

Analyze your team: Before you start training, it is important to thoroughly analyze your team and understand the strengths and weaknesses of your players. This enables you to set up targeted trainings that are specifically tailored to the needs of your team.

Train based on positions: Players in different positions need different skills to be effective on the field. Train your forwards in finishing, your midfielders in passing and ball control, and your defenders in tackling and positioning. By implementing position-oriented trainings, you ensure that your players develop optimally.

Take into account age and potential: Young players have more potential to grow and improve their skills, so it is important to give them the necessary attention during trainings. However, do not forget to also train your experienced players to maintain their performance and make valuable contributions to the team.

Balance between intensity and rest: It is essential to find a good balance between intensive training and rest periods to prevent your players from becoming overloaded and injured. Schedule rest days and adjust the training intensity based on your team's physical condition and match schedule.

Closed trainings and training camps: Make use of closed trainings and training camps to give your players an extra boost and accelerate their development. These options can be particularly useful during crucial stages of the season or before important matches.

Evaluate and adjust: Regularly evaluate the progress of your players and the effect of your trainings. Adjust your training strategy if necessary to ensure that your team is developing in the right way and continues to grow.


Effective trainings are crucial for the success of your team in Online Soccer Manager. By analyzing your team, choosing the right training types, training position-oriented, and finding a good balance between intensity and rest, you can maximize the potential of your players and strengthen your team. Don't forget to make use of closed trainings and training camps when needed and regularly evaluate the progress of your players and adjust your training strategy. By applying these tips, you can ensure that your players develop effectively and lead your team to success in Online Soccer Manager.