Tips for using the transfer list in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)

The transfer list is a crucial part of Online Soccer Manager (OSM), where managers can buy and sell players to strengthen their team and increase their budget. Effective use of the transfer list can make the difference between success and failure in the league. In this text, we provide tips on how to optimally use the transfer list in OSM.

Know your team's needs: Before you start searching for players on the transfer list, it is important to analyze the needs of your team. Identify weak positions and look for players who can contribute to improving those positions. Take into account the qualities of your current players and look for additional skills.

Scout smartly: Use the scouting feature in OSM to search specifically for players that fit your team's needs. Set your scout to specific positions, ages, and skills to increase the chances of finding valuable players on the transfer list.

Buy at the right time: The prices of players on the transfer list can vary throughout the day. Try to buy players when their prices are lower, for example, just after matches or during less active hours in the game. This way, you may be able to buy players at a lower price and save money.

Underrated players: Watch out for underrated players on the transfer list, such as young talents or players with hidden skills. These players can be bought for a relatively low price and later sold for a higher price, which can significantly increase your budget.

Sell strategically: When you want to sell players, place them on the transfer list for a price that is higher than their current value, but not too high to deter potential buyers. Be patient and wait for the right offer, but also be prepared to negotiate if you receive a reasonable bid.

Watch the competition: Keep an eye on the activities of other managers and be prepared to act quickly if you see an interesting player on the transfer list. Competition can drive up prices, so make sure you have enough budget to bid on the players you want.

Use clauses: When buying players, consider adding resale clauses to benefit from future sales. If the player you bought is later sold by another manager, you can receive a percentage of the selling price based on the clause.


Effectively using the transfer list in Online Soccer Manager is essential for your team's success and increasing your budget. By analyzing your team's needs, scouting smartly, buying and selling at the right time, and strategically using clauses, you can make the most of the transfer list and lead your team to the top of the league. Don't forget to always stay up-to-date on the market and keep an eye on your competitors so that you can act quickly and close the best deals. With patience, insight, and strategic thinking, you can use the transfer list in OSM to strengthen your team and increase your chances of success.